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Welcome to Manjira
Manjira produce a range of South Indian Pachadis and Pickles.
Over 10 years ago husband and wife  team Savithri and Gerry Newell set themselves the challenge of bringing the true taste of Savithri's home city of Hyderabad to the UK with Manjira Pachadis.

Savithri and Gerry have now returned to India (from where they will be developing new flavours) but their legacy remains in the products that they have created to date and continue to be produced to this day.

Made using ingredients typical to south India , Manjira Pachadis are authentic Indian chutneys, which unlike their European derivitives, are made without sugar or vinegar. This greatly increases their versatility, as can be seen on our recipe pages.

Our Pachadis and Pickles are made:-

     Without Vinegar

     Additive Free

     Gluten Free

     Dairy Free
The No Added Sugar makes these Pachadis ideal for those on a Low Sugar Diet, such as Diabetics
NB Our Ginger Pachadi contains a small amount of Jaggery (pure cane sugar). The total content is only 8%

Our Pachadis and Pickles come in 7 unique flavours:

          Garlic Pachadi

          Ginger Pachadi

          Tomato Pachadi

          Onion Pachadi

          Tamarind Pachadi

          Smoked Aubergine Pickle

          Chilli Pickle
They are extremely versatile and are 'Your Kitchens Secret Ingredient':

     Used straight from the jar as achutney

     Stirred like a 'Pesto' into cooked Pasta or Rice

     Used as a Sauce

     Used as a Marinade

     Used as an Ingredient in your favourite dish

See our Recipe pages for ideas.

We are always looking for new recipes that use our products, if you have some then please let us know and if we use them on our website we will include a free jar of any item with your next order.